The Madagascar I went to was not created by Disney. What I saw was real - a fantastic, beautiful, diverse country. My daughter, Beth, was in the Peace Corps in Madagascar, and I spent a little over a month with her exploring the country. Beth lived in a mud hut in a lovely mountain village without electricity or running water. We traveled in a truck with chickens, hiked overnight in a terrain that made me think I was on the moon, and walked through rice fields. During our travels Beth showed me many gorgeous places, but she also pointed out the environmental issues and the poverty in Madagascar. Many of the country’s rare species and beautiful land resources are endangered. When I commented on the beautiful burnt sienna soil I often saw, she explained that it was there because most of the trees had been cut down for fuel and building material, causing erosion of the top soil. The color of the eroded soil stayed implanted in my mind. When I returned to the states, I started paintings with that color as my base. Next I added my wonderful memories and sensations that I remembered from my trip. I wanted to share many of the wonders of Madagascar, yet show that we cannot forget the dangers the country faces.